Thursday, September 07, 2006

revised pros and cons after viewing

After having seen the house, here is a new list of the pros and cons of moving. These are in addition to the ones I've already mentioned, though some are repeated due to importance.


A lot more storage space.
A separate area for our desk and possibly a craft area.
Quiet neighborhood, semi secluded back yard.
good area for cats to transition between mom's place and a town later on.
excellent back deck for container gardening.
utility sink in laundry area (don't know why, I just like them.)
bigger kitchen
dish washer!
garage for in the winter- no scraping car windows
free pool table (unsure of quality, or presence of balls and stick things)
consistent internet.


There are not two complete bedrooms. (but there are more rooms than here. confusing, I know)
Mike would have to bike to school or ride the bus.
basement main room is not finished.
bathroom is upstairs, bedrooms downstairs
basement stairs are a bit steep - this is only a consideration because of kids.
Will add about $100 to our monthly expenditures.

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