Monday, September 04, 2006

FORCED to buy Starbucks

I'm confused. This morning, I made coffee. Water CAN'T go sour, and I've never heard of coffee grounds going cream is perfectly good - I smelled it from the carton. BUT I poured it in my coffee, and immediately this horrible sour milk smell arose from my previously delectable smelling cup. WHY!!?!? There is no history of coffee making cream go bad...I don't think it's chemically possible.

So WHAT happened!?


Anonymous said...


I don't know what happened. I have never heard of that before. Sometimes things just smell funny to me. I have a very sensitive nose. If it happens again, I would dump everything out and start again.

I have tried to post as anonyous before, but did not get it to process. Maybe this will work. Sorry that you are having trouble with my space. There are some spaces I have trouble with like that.

I looked at your pros and cons lists. It is hard to decide sometimes what to do. You will make the right decisions, though. Remember you are the woman with a plan. : )

Take care.


EZ said...

Della! Darling!

How good to get a visit from you today. I don't know what happened to your cream. But whatever it was allowed you to come and visit me. Life is good. How is your mother?