Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Proof of alien abduction

For the last five days, my daughter has done a very strange thing. She will get up, and when told to get dressed, she will put on pants. on her own. Voluntarily. I'm not sure what's going on. This is the child who for the last TWO YEARS has shrieked about parental abuse when forced to wear pants on rare occasions (you cannot ride the rides at the carnival unless you wear pants. you cannot ride a horse unless you wear pants. and what's amazing is that these decisions then took thought on her part.)

I haven't asked her why yet. I'm worried she'll look down and suddenly say "oh my gosh! I'm wearing pants!". Or she'll just shrug and in typical 5 year old style say "Dunno, because I wanted to."

I'm very pleased. This means a few good things. She won't freeze this winter. She won't flash everyone on the playground at kindergarten. And she'll use that half of her extensive wardrobe.

On a more tragic note, my starbucks gift card is empty. I must subside on tea and homemade coffee. and we know how my cups respond to a mixture of coffee and cream.

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