Wednesday, January 24, 2007

It's Wednesday. And it's Good.

Happy Wednesday!

I'm in a fairly good mood today, despite the fact that Jason left on vacation, so I won't have him to talk online to during the day. :-(

Mike and I got up for the second morning in a row and did the stretching and ab workout. Both our tummies are sore, but that's a good thing! We took pictures of them so that when they are flat and sexy we can look at how far we've come.

Mike is going tonight to get the part he needs to fix our washing machine so I can wash the rest of the laundry! I didn't get any of my whites or blacks done last weekend, and both are quite necessary!

So you know-- Honeycrisp apples are the BEST.

Gonna try and be more positive today. My life is a good one, and I am blessed. I have so many wonderful people in my world. I have a place to live, enough food and clothes, and many unnecessary material things for my enjoyment.

Life is good, people.

oh! remind me! There is an awesome passage in the book I am currently reading that I keep meaning to post....

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