Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Tuesday Morning

This morning went a little better.

Mike and I started our new habit of getting up early and doing some stretching and ab dvd's. The ab one is brutal, she keeps saying "only 4 more" then after 4 more, saying "ok! now double time!" After 6 minutes of this (the ab workout is 10 minutes long) Mike says, for both of us, "Crazy Bitch!" We both enjoyed the workout though, and plan to do it every morning.

I went up and woke Kaia up a little early, then we lay in bed and cuddled for a few minutes. I didn't bring up last night, just told her that I loved her and hoped she had a good day today. She's excited because she starts ballet at preschool again today, and swimming is tonight after school. I'm excited about that too! That's Andrea's and my time to sit and relax.

Work seems to be getting a bit more....something. I haven't had very many new activations, and I have had lots of pissed off customers. Nothing we did here, but stuff on their bill and such. Or they just aren't paying attention, or not reading it, so they don't understand the charges, even though they are legit. Have to get over this glitch....this feeling lately I've had of just not being fully involved in my life...or being fully happy with it...or something....it'll pass, I'm sure, and overall, I'm doing well.

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mom said...

Hi honey--glad to hear things are better with Kaia--parenthood can be so confusing and difficult.

Also, with work, I think it is more boring now that you are not doing school. How about taking up knitting or something? That much boredom would make me numb too!! Or amke the switch to Moscow, only a few miles away, more money, less boredom--still close to home! It's all relative. Let's talk soon. Much love, Mom