Friday, January 19, 2007

an intro to my blog, of sorts....kinda late in the game, though, huh?

Oh for heaven’s sake! You may be saying to yourself. (or not.) Della! You are making me dizzy! First you talk about the customers at work, and not always very nicely, I must say. Then you regal us with the admittedly adorable things your daughter does and says. Next we get completely unasked for descriptions of the state of your ass, and then we move on to movie reviews and drink recipes! Just WHAT is this blog ABOUT!? What is the underlying, unifying THEME?!

After I pick myself up off the floor from laughing, since you really should know by now that my idea of “sticking to the subject” is rather hazy, I will answer you.

Well, you see, what my blog is really about is…..


What the POINT of all of this actually is, is…….


Okay, here’s some reasons, in no particular order, that I blog.

1. keep family and friends (and a few strangers) updated, sorta, about the life of this little family.
2. keep a fairly accurate running picture of who I am, for my children to read when they are older. I would like them to eventually realize I am more than “Mom”.
3. To vent a bit when I feel the need.
4. I have discovered a love of comments, which is why this isn’t listed as Private.
5. I have never, in all my attempts, been able to keep up with a paper and pen journal.
6. I like it. It's fun.

I am at peace with the fact it will never be as popular as other blogs I enjoy (Y got OVER 400 comments on one of her entries...OVER 400!! I don't think this entire blog has even been VIEWED 400 times...), which I will introduce in another post, as they deserve their own entry.

So there you go. And yes, there will occasionally be things you probably don’t want to hear about. I am not sorry! According to one reader, I am a “free spirit”. I’d be freer, but my parents read this blog. Also, I don’t know which random additional relatives my mother may have given the link to. Hi Aunt Gertrude! (just kidding. I don’t have an Aunt Gertrude. However, I do believe my biological paternal grandmother is named Gertrude…but that’s neither here nor there nor in Arkansas.) Hopefully there will mostly be things that entertain you.

Maybe I should rate my entries? Parental controls of an opposite sort? They would also function as warnings when my children are old enough to read this, since neither of the generations surrounding mine probably want to hear about the rug burns on my ass. But then I have to figure out a rating system, and really, I have other things to worry about. Like the fact that my daughter is STILL asking how the seed gets into the Mama. And the fact that I am blogging while I should be vacuuming the store. And the fact that I keep forgetting to buy chicken, and it’s on the menu for dinner tonight….

And the fact that, honestly? I’m not really worried about it. If you feel the post is too personal for you, then move on. Cause I only plan on gettin’ freer…..more free? Whatever…

I’m enjoying this life. I plan on enjoying it to the fullest. And through this blog, I plan on sharing that enjoyment.

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mom said...

now this thing suddenly appeared at the bottom of my an afterthought....anyhow, keep writing, I love reading your stuff.
....and now it makes me do the word verification thing 2x.....