Friday, January 26, 2007

again, honeycrisp apples are the best!

Yesterday I was starving! I forgot my yummy curried chicken and corn chowder, and so only had a couple things to eat. I'm trying to have things available here, such as yogurt and cheese sticks, that way I just have to bring a main thing. Doesn't really work when I forget or don't make a big dinner the night before!

But I really need to get serious about gaining some more weight. I am going to wait until I try on my bridesmaid's dress before deciding how much I should gain before the wedding, but I am still going to work on instilling the habit of eating more during the day.

I went to the store this morning, and got some more yogurt, chicken, banana, energy bars, V-8, and a donut. Oh! and some cereal to just snack on. Life, if you're curious what kind. I also brought an apple from home, and already had water and milk here.

Here's to eating!

Here's to weight gain!

Here's to health! and energy!

Oh, and Mike and I didn't do the ab workout this morning...we chose to do cardio instead! ;-)

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