Tuesday, January 09, 2007

lessons in mechanics

Whenever my daughter tells me, in her "I'm-five-going-on-18" voice, that she knows everything --yes, she says exactly that--I have gotten into the habit of saying "Oh yeah? Well, how does a combustion engine work?!" and she says "I don't know!" and in my "I'm-29-going-on-5" voice, I say "SEE? You DON'T know everything!"

Today, however, as she tells me that I don't know everything (which I wholeheartedly agree with), she says, "I do know everything and you don't. Cause I know how an engine works and you don't!"

"Oh really?" I say. "How does an engine work?"

"GAS!" she says, and practically preens. "SEE! I asked someone! and now I know!"

"I absolutely love you child" I say, grinning at her.

though, I am not sure if that's how a combustion engine works....cause I don't know everything. But still, the idea that she asked someone, and remembered the answer, is pretty cool.

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mom said...

THIS is a RIOT!!!!! and yes, combustion engine does work with gas. it combusts it, causing the pistons to fire, causing the motion to begin that goes to the drive shaft, that turns the wheels. I think. What I want to know is, who did she ask, and what in God's name did they think of a child of 5 asking how does a combustion engine work?!?