Monday, January 29, 2007

the butterflies must SHOW!

Here we have another look at Kaia' of dressing. You can't get the full picture, as her sweater is covering up her shirt. For the most part this outfit is nondescript. On other days, she chooses more interesting choices. She goes for what she likes, regardless of whether it matches in color or style. I hope she never loses her absolute certainty she looks beautiful.
This outfit wouldn't normally be shown off as an example of her style, which can go WAY beyond what this shows, except for one notable aspect....
If you look at her boots (close up pic to follow) you will see she has cunningly folded one sock over the top of her boot. This is a cool sock, you must understand, and it would be a shame to hide it under the pants. It has dangling butterflies, people. Unfortunately, she long ago lost it's sister, and so must pair it with a less fancy sock.


mom said...

Mark my words this will be ALL THE RAGE a year from now. I think it actually looks very cool, like just one ear ring.

Ro - said...

That is SO MUCH LIKE my daughter! :)