Friday, January 12, 2007

Exercise in Futility-of a lighthearted sort

I hate cold. Have I mentioned this? I'm sure I have, but it bears repeating since I live where, right now, at 9:44 am, it's ONE FRIGGIN' DEGREE OUTSIDE.

This morning, when Kaia and I left, there was frost on the INSIDE of my windows. The frost was so COLD that when I tried to scrape it off (without gloves, forgot them, again) I couldn't even get to the lower layer. I turned my car on, turned on the back defroster, and sat for a few minutes...then got out and tried again. I got some off the back window, since it had been defrosting, but still no luck on the front, so sat for a few more minutes.

I glanced at the back window, to see frost REFORMING.


It took about 10 minutes before I said screw it, and just drove. Most of the frost was gone, though I needed to keep the windshield wipers going (Kaia calls them "shields" as in "turn on the shields mom!")

My fingers were bright red and hurt like hell. It hurt to BREATHE this morning.

This is NOT COOL.

On a brighter note, we are spending the night at John and Andrea's, and maybe it will be good sledding weather tomorrow!!


Anonymous said...

If only I could get into the snow. I missed snowboarding this year and I really can't wait to get into my snowboarding gear and go racing down the mountain. I have to admit that 1 degree is almost beyond my limits of enjoyment but, I would take it!

mom said...

Read Earth Mother's recent entry. Also EJ's, if you are interested.