Saturday, January 27, 2007

awww...she made a friend!

Making friends is not easy for me. It's not that I'm not friendly, it's not that I don't try. I just don't seem to have that...thing...that some people have, that thing that lets them bond with other people easily. I've usually been odd one out at the workplace, and was at school, too. Nobody disliked me, really, and I was included in conversations at work, but I was never invited to out of work activities that other co-workers went to. When my sister got a job at the restaurant I had worked at for 2 years already, she immediately made fast friends and fit right in. She was invited to the nights out, the parties, and in on all gossip. I still wasn't there when I left two years later.

I've finally made peace with it, the not making friends easily bit. Partly because where I live now is temporary, and it would suck to make a really good new friend then have to leave, but partly because I've realized I have some really good friends already, and honestly? don't really have time for more.

Then a few weeks ago at work, a woman walked in with her daughters. (she also has two sons at home)

We hit it off right away! She's very funny, and we have the same sense of humor. We decided to get together sometime. Today we did! We went to lunch, she brought her 6 year old son, then to a movie. I really enjoyed my time with her. And yes, in a year, I'll be leaving. We'll see how things go then. I've kept in touch with Andrea for 20 years, while only living in the same town for 2 of them. And I could do that again, if I found someone I wanted to make the effort for. Even if that doesn't work, having another mom to hang out with will be fun in the meantime.

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mum said...

How exciting!! I too only have a very few friends, but these are remarkable people, as are yours. That's because you and I are remarkable.
In a year, when you move, you can of course stay in touch with this person, as you did with dear Andrea, and have the best friends stay in your world, no matter how far away. These kind of friends are also wonderful to have.