Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Only Alabama Slammer I Call Friend

So I forgot where the recipe for Alabama Slammers was, so googled it. And came up with all sorts of variants.

So here is THE recipe*. and yes, I am FULLY aware of how little alcohol is actually in it, that's it's SECRET. you can drink a bunch, but don't get overly toasted, and if you want to, you can pretend there is more alcohol in it than there truly is, and later you can artfully blame it on the "alabama slammers, man!"

one or two shots of Disaronno. (yum) put this into a largish glass.**
pour in cranberry juice until 3/4 full.
add a splash of clear soda (I use sprite, but I'm sure 7-up will do, or whatever. just anything clear okay? and carbonated...and preferably not overly flavored on it's own)
squeeze half of a lime into the glass.
stir. (or, if you have the appropriate apparatus, shake it, it might be tastier. let me know)


make more.

make some for friends.

make more.

*the other recipes had considerably more alcohol. so feel free to google.
**yes, I am paraphrasing. is it that obvious?!

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