Wednesday, January 17, 2007

disaronno+cranberry juice=no more snarkiness

Today was a bit.......


I was a bit snarky today. Just all over kinda pissy. Thanks goes to Jason for putting up with me, and continuing to talk to me even though I wasn't contributing anything worthwhile to the conversation.

I get this way sometimes. Just moody with no reason. and no, it's not PMS. I get that too, but it's not as overt as this kind. It just hits me sometimes and everything gets the same cynical reaction from me.

Was getting overly irritated by customers. It just bugs me when people oh-so-seriously tell me they NEED their phone, and they NEED me to give them a replacement NOW. Seriously, people, you will survive, and won't even remember this dismal time of phonelessness.

Hopefully tomorrow I will be more like my usual optimistic self. Gonna take a hot bath tonight, and get some lovin' from my man. (and dare I hope, a back rub?! mmmmm.....) He was so sweet and went to the store for juice and the liquor store for Disaronno. Yum. Alabama Slammers, anyone? yes, please.

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