Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Done

But! On a brighter note! Here's what I've done today.....

cleaned the ENTIRE living room, vacuumed, dusted, organized and de-cluttered.

Put DVDs in little white envelopes to protect them.



more dishes

made cinnamon rolls, with spelt flour. they turned out a little odd, but all right....the spelt is a little .....a little....harsh? maybe? not sure...Mike was happy though.

refrained from going crazy with three kids here. (actually, overall, they've been fine. a little LOUD, but fine. minor squabbles are to be expected and were dealt with.)

started tomato seeds in my little peat pots. only enough for two plants, gonna experiment with my new tomato coats I got....if it works, I'll have tomatoes for a much longer time, since I'll be able to stagger plantings.

PUT MY CHRISTMAS TREE AWAY. I don't want to talk about it. :-)

Had an enjoyable, though busy, morning with my family and friends about.

Later, Andrea and John are coming over for dinner. I'm making curried chicken and corn chowder, which is DELICIOUS. Even Kaia loves it.

Gotta go start some spelt bread and another load of laundry! Have a wonderful Sunday, folks.....and hug someone today.

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mom said...

Here (((((((((((((x))))))))))))))) is a big hug with a little mama kiss inside.
Hearing about your curried chicken and corn chowder makes me wish I was not a vegetarian.
So proud of you for doing all that work !!!! bet the place looks great. I love you hugely.