Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Fleece---The New Silk

I have fallen in love. I giggle, I stare off into space. I can't help but lose myself in thoughts of my newfound love.
Fleece sheets. yes, I know! Doesn't that sound Heavenly!?! Actually, most people seem to feel that fleece sheets would be too hot. Wierdos. Luckily for me, my sister knows that I am part reptile, some freak of human nature who is always cold, unless I have some external heat source. Up until now, I've used my husband. However, for Christmas, my sister got us fleece sheets.
I say "us" though we all know Mike could probably survive without fleece sheets. Too bad.....just kidding. He's actually being very nice about it, even seems to enjoy them! Yay! I get to keep them! I couldn't bring them back with me on the airplane, so my mom mailed them to me. Last night I put them on my bed, and had such a hard time getting up this morning! now, all I need to do is dryclean the extra thick blanket Mike and Kathy got us, and my bed will be perfectly made.
That might be dangerous. I may not be able to get out of bed. Until summer.


mom said...

This picture is so funny! I can see you grinning tho your face is turned!

jadler said...

This picture is so close to being indecent....