Sunday, December 31, 2006

running a slight bit late...but what's new?

We are almost off! Plans for the next couple days:

1. Make cookie dough to take to Andrea's.
2. Pack for Andrea's.
3. Go to Andrea's where we will:
4. Help make beer.
5. Possibly ride horses.
6. Eat yummy food.
7. Drink.
8. Hopefully stay away until midnight!
9. Yell joyfully about some random occasion....oh yeah! the new year!
10. Go to bed WAY too late.
11. Wake up WAY too early.
12. Drink coffee...lots of coffee.
13. German pancakes anyone?
14. Hang out doing whatever.
15. If I am lucky, take a nap at some point.
16. Enjoy the peaceful wonder of being with friends we love.(this is a step that can and will be done in concurrence with the above steps)

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