Saturday, December 23, 2006

oh! wait...what was I doing again?

gonna try to make this not such a downer post, because I don't really feel depressed, exactly. I'm kinda getting over being sick, was awful yesterday, slept all day, when I wasn't coughing. Today, I girded my loins (hee hee, I just love that phrase) and we went to the mall, to brave the crowds for chocolate, and FORGOT to get chocolate for ME. sheesh....that's what being sick will do! Makes you forget the basics.
It doesn't really feel like Christmas to me this year. Feeling a bit off kilter, out of whack, and just floopered. yes, I just now made that word up.
Anyway, I just keep feeling like I'm supposed to be doing something...but I can't think of what, and it seems important. It's worrisome. anyone out there know what it is? have I forgotten to do something? it feels so necessary...and imminent...
Christmas should be fun, though. Christmas Eve we are going to my sister's, for ham and roast beef. Then we are spending the night at my parent's, for Christmas morning pancakes and bacon. Kaia will eat sausage, of course, with syrup. That afternoon we will head back to Mike's parent's house for another meal, and spend our last night there.
It has been a nice vacation, but this fog I am in has got to go. I wish I could feel that I was getting everything done......but this feeling that I am not is persistent.

Merry Christmas, All, and please, if you know what I am forgetting, let me know! :-)

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mom said...

you forgot to sit, breathe very slowly 1----2----3----then feel that light at your center. Breathe again--with calm love this time, in with the goodness, out with the static-----2------3-----