Monday, December 04, 2006

sleddin' and eatin' and stuff

what happened to my spell check, and ability to post pictures?!!? BLOGGER!! HEY YOU! give my icons back!!!

anyway, would post a picture, but can't.

We went up to Andrea and John's yesterday to go sledding. I bundled up, then halfway through took off both scarves, and would have taken off a layer if I could have, trudging up hills in snow is hard work!!

Had a lot of fun, I love sledding!

Funny thing about kids....

Kaia loves rides at fairs, will ride almost anything you let her. But it takes a long time for her to get confident enough to sled by herself, and doesn't like to go very fast, or far.
Liam will fling himself down that sled run like there's no tomorrow, giggling hysterically the whole way. But it takes him a long time to get confident on amusement park rides, and he prefers the kiddie rides.
go figure.

after sledding, we had a yummy stew dinner, with cheesy biscuits. Andrea and I have been experiementing with spelt flour, since Mike can't have wheat. It's actually quite tasty, and healthier since it's whole grain. Most things don't rise as much, and bread can be a bit dry, but overall, we are very pleased with the results! Chocolate chip cookies are really yummy with spelt instead of wheat flour! The biscuits stayed kinda flat, but weren't tough or to dense.

Gotta go back to the dentist tomorrow, wish me luck and numbness!

My mom and dad are coming out this weekend! We're gonna put up the tree and make a gingerbread house.

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