Saturday, June 16, 2007

Turning Six!

Today was Kaia’s 6th birthday party! There were about 10 kids there, and we held the party at a local park. I was a little concerned that it would rain, and though the clouds hovered over us all day, nary a drop fell! The kids didn’t care that it wasn’t bright and sunny, they had a blast playing at the playground and building their own ice cream sundaes. As usual, I overestimated the amount of supplies needed….we will be eating ice cream sundaes for a looong time…..
After the sundaes, the kids all circled ‘round the piñata and pulled the ribbons. out cascaded the innards (with a little help) and the kids fell to their knees collecting the candy and toys (again, I went a little overboard).
Time for presents! Kaia tore open her gifts, long past the days that she needed help with the ribbons and paper. She received a whole set of tiny My Little Ponies, which were the first things she played with when we got home! She also got some Bratz dolls – ugh! One wasn’t too bad, a doll and horse set that I’m sure she’ll love to play with. The other one however…typical of Bratz dolls, the surfer slut doll has more makeup than your average drag queen, and a teeny bikini. Ah well. I can’t choose her toys forever. We will be having a discussion about why that’s not appropriate when it’s opened (mom is such a spoil sport!)
Dora play dough, a toy bird, a Polly Pocket-style Barbie, and a My Little Petshop rounded out the gifts from friends. Mike and I gave her a Dora sleeping bag and an mp3 player for her trip to California next week. When asked if she was having a good party, she grinning widely and nodded. “Uh HUH!”
Full of sugar and high spirits the kids ran out to play more. I sat down to relax and talk with other moms. I noticed Kaia was eating a lot of her candy, but figured she may as well enjoy it all now, less to take home! That was a mistake…about 20 minutes later, Kaia walked quickly up to me, flanked by two friends. “Mom! I’m gonna…..!” Leaning over, she threw up. Removing her shirt and rinsing out her mouth at the drinking fountain helped her feel better, but it was clear the party was over.

Kaia had a wonderful time, and the party itself was awesome. Thanks to all her friends and their parents for helping make such a special memory!

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Rising Rainbow said...

Sounds like there's a horse lover lurking in there from your comment about her preference in gifts.

And good for you, you make choices on her toys. She's only six and that stuff is crap! Then they wonder what's wrong with a generation. DUH! How's a girl child supposed to have self respect with a doll that's descriptive language is slut? Trust your instincts, mom!