Friday, June 08, 2007

"adult" conversation with an almost 6 year old...

My daughter absolutely cracks me up. Here's the conversation I just had with her over the phone:

me: Hey darlin'! I miss you!
Kaia: I miss you too, mom!
me: Didja have fun at John and Andrea's?
Kaia: Oooooo! Yes, I did!
me: How about at school?
Kaia: Yes, I did!


Kaia: So how're you doing?
me: I'm good, just sitting at work.
Kaia: How's work going today?
me: (laughing) It's going well!
Kaia: That's good. What's been going on there?
me: I've sold a few phones, and talked to customers.
Kaia: oh, cool.
me: What did you do at preschool?
Kaia: well....I took a nap..then that was it! (laughs) Just kidding! I drew some pictures, and played outside too!

there's a pause where her father does something on the other end that apparently scares her (in fun).

Kaia: Dad! Don't scare me! (laughs) Daddy's being a little silly today.

I realize there's nothing overtly hilarious about this conversation. It's the "adult" tone of the whole thing that cracks me up. My daughter has never asked me how work is going before. and I love how she's joking within a conversation now....she's a little person! It's so amazing.

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Malathionman said...

Della-Thanks for the comment the other day. I have a six year old that just finished kndergarden. It cracks me up when I listen and watch her talk to her girlfriends on the phone. She copies a lot of the things her mommy does.