Sunday, June 10, 2007

some ups. some downs.

We made the fish for lunch today- yay!

A shot glass-used for a vase, not to take shots (this time)- fell into the garbage disposal unbeknownst to me until I turned it on, breaking the glass into a billion pieces - ack!

I made a double batch of chocolate fudge- yum!

My flip-vac thingie that vacuums and mops the kitchen floor broke IN HALF- grrr.

but there's fudge!! That makes everything better! And the fact that this morning while hugging me said "Life is good when you are in my arms."


mom said...

IN HALF!?! How on Earth did that happen? Musta been designed by a flunkie engineer.....

ah....fudge....Dad used to make that when ever things got icky around the house. What a fix-all.

I guess that was Mike that gave you the wonder-hug? What a guy, he is pure gold. As are you, my Del, my coffee bean delight.

Kathy said...

Your husband is so sweet. :)