Saturday, June 30, 2007

"just sitting"

Last night Andrea and I got together for some "us" time.

First we went to the store so she could look for a sweatshirt, as it had started raining. She didn't find one, but she did find a pair of jeans, and I found a tank top. It was nice to just be able to wander the aisles a bit, not worrying about kids getting bored or asking for stuff.

We were going to go out for Chinese, but the place we like is closed, the owners on vacation. I swear, didn't they think of US!?!? ;-) We ended up going to a semi-new place and then had the luxury of taking our time figuring out what we wanted. Andrea decided to get a drink, though she was worried about the price. It had salt around the edges, and she found a sliver of glass in it! She ended up getting that drink plus another for free! :-)

After dinner, stuffed to the gills, we came back to my house and just sat and talked for a good 2 or 3 hours. At one point we made ourselves ice cream sundaes, but mostly we just vegged on the couch.

We talked about people, religion, kids, all sorts of stuff. It was awesome to be able to gab along not worrying about interruptions from husbands or children. (not that our husbands interrupt often....) I love getting together with all our kids and menfolk, but getting back to just us two is important to do occasionally!

Thank you, Andrea, for being one of the most special people in my life. These 3 years that we've been in the same region again have been wonderful. Here's to another 21 years!

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Andrea said...

I had a blast too! It's so nice to not have any real responsibilities for a short while. And just talk about whatever comes to mind, for hours on end. I didn't know I could still sit down and do that...

Darn it, and you're moving away soon. Boo hoo. We will have to make sure and do this more often before you go.