Sunday, June 17, 2007

percolating thoughts....

Thinking through a post about Bratz for will still end up being fairly rambley...but here are two examples of how I am trying to brainwash my daughter (both of these took a surprisingly small amount of time to beat into her! I suggest the cat o' nine tails...worked for us....)

"Kaia, what are you going to do before you get married and have kids?"
"Go to college!"
"Good girl"

"Kaia, what is more important than being pretty?"
"Being nice!"
"That's my awesome girl"

The first one might be slightly hampered by the fact that she is well aware that neither her father nor I went to college before we were married or she was in the world, and we both turned out fine. I hope the brainwashing runs deeper than logic. ;-)

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