Wednesday, June 06, 2007

M.C. Escher for Infants

This morning Kaia contemplated just what would be the "right" sunshade for our baby. She had noticed another car with a sunshade, and realized we'd need one too, if we were to be proper guardians to the new person in the family.

"Maybe colors....or Elmo...Dora! or maybe just a drawing with pencil and paper...I know!!! You remember that picture at Dana's house? The one with the hand that's drawing the other hand, and the other hand is drawing the other hand at the same time? That's what we should have on the baby's window cover! Isn't that a perfect idea, Mom?"

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Dana said...

Heheh! What was it you were saying the other night, about the things kids notice, and the things they don't? ;)