Thursday, June 21, 2007

slacker! that's me...

On Tuesday I went to a Mary Kay class thingy with Heather. She is certifying, or something, and needed people at the class, so I got a pedicure and mini-facial. Had a good time after too, stayed for dinner at Heather's (yum!) and visited. As a gift for going, she gave me a lip gloss and a nail polish, both of them in awesome colors.

On Wednesday, I went over to Amanda's after work for dinner and a laze. Both were quite satisfying. We watched TV, something I can't, now by choice, do at home, but is nice to do occasionally at other people's houses. Saw a Rachel Ray show, finally. I like her, I want a RR cookbook now! :-) Watched some celebrity news and a Planet Earth show too. All in all, a very nice relaxing evening.

However. My house cleaning plans were shunted to the side for all that, so NO MORE visiting until I am caught up! Tonight I need to finish the dishes, and work on the kitchen. If I finish with that in a decent amount of time I can finish the living room too. Not much to do in there until I get the new stuff and out with the entertainment center, but can do some.

I am not allowed to do any scrap booking or visiting until my list is at least half done. There are 17 items on my To-Do list and only two have been crossed off. Wish me luck, and more importantly, energy!

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