Sunday, June 24, 2007

Stage One Pictures

My house cleaning project is going wonderfully! Here is the first load that went to Goodwill, and there are already 3-4 more bags being filled! Andrea and John came over yesterday to help, and did SO MUCH, I can't thank them enough! The living room isn't QUITE ready for pictures yet, hopefully by tonight it will be.

Here is my laundry closet after I organized it. It doesn't look like much I know, and didn't take long, but it's something. The green garbage can isn't there anymore, I replaced it with a smaller white one from my bathroom, replacing THAT one with another one I had.

Here is part of my dining room BEFORE. The shelf that is in this picture is now in the living room with two others.

And here is AFTER. Much better, yes? Still not perfect, but it's much easier to breathe in there now.

Please keep in mind that I took these with Kaia's $70 digital camera, instead of my much better one, so the pictures aren't the highest quality, to say the least. But they get the idea across.

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