Tuesday, June 05, 2007

sometimes repeating "I love my child" over and over is necessary for survival -- hers.

Kaia has lately been in quite the mood. She's always been ....confident......some might say snotty (and I have on occasion said that exact thing!). Lately however, she's been even more "teenage girl on her period"-like. I'm getting worried for when she's ACTUALLY a teenage girl, on her period or no!

This past weekend she threw a fit, and with it her stuffed animals all over her freshly cleaned and organized room. Showing no remorse, she called me in to see the damage.

"What happened?" I said, surveying the dozens of animals strewn about.

"I threw my animals all over my room" she answered matter-of-factly, from her top bunk.

"Why?" I asked, just cause I am a glutton for punishment, not out of any lack of knowledge.

She sat up straighter, looked me in the eye, and with a gleam of defiance clear in her eye, said

"Because I am MAD"

"I see. I'm sorry to hear that. Now get down and pick them all up."

To her credit, when I came back to check, all the animals were back on the shelf.


This morning, I went in to wake her up. She's been harder to get up lately, and I've not actually used the "I'll pick out your clothes if you don't get up" threat in awhile. She hates to have anyone pick out her clothes, and I don't even buy her new clothes unless she is there to approve. So this morning, she again didn't get up, instead whined about the light, and her tired muscles, and didn't move an inch. She wanted my eye mask, and refused to get up unless it was brought to her post-haste.

After a couple loudly voiced denials I was going to bring her any such thing, I'd had it. I am tired of mornings going this way. So I went in, and without another word, began to pick out her clothes for the day. It's not like I was picking out things she never wore, but even the thought that she wouldn't be in charge enraged her, yet didn't quite budge her out of bed yet.

"NOO!!! NOO!!! I'll put them back! I will!!! NOOOOOO!!!!" She yelled down from her top bunk, only moving enough to lean over and see what atrocities I was pulling from her drawers. I stood up.

"If you don't get out of bed this minute, I will be picking out your clothes for the rest of the week."

She stomped down her ladder, repeating over and over how she'd be just putting those clothes right back away, thank you very much.

I'm actually kind of irritated at how quickly she forgot about the fact she wasn't wearing her own choices. Could be because they are still clothes she likes, though I purposely picked out ones that weren't favorites. All I can hope for is that tomorrow morning goes more smoothly, or I will have to up the ante, and I would really, really like to have a nice morning with my family before we all go about our separate days.

I love my daughter, and I am glad she's a confident person. I want her to keep the positive parts of that, but stop acting like she's the Queen. Because I've never yet slapped my daughter across the face. and I really really really don't want to start now.

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