Sunday, June 10, 2007

Fishing Day!

Yesterday we went fishing with John and Andrea's family. We went to an annual event put on by the forestry service (I think). A family who owns a local pond allows them to stock it with rainbow trout and then volunteers from around the community help the kids get set up with poles-that they get to keep!- and bait, and the kids all circle around the pond and see what they can catch. There was a three fish limit, but we hoped that they'd each catch at least one..boy were we surprised!

Kaia was excited to get started, but she had never fished before. Warnings about hooks and staying out of casting range given, she waited to be given some bait so she could get started!

The dads helped with the initial casting for the young ones. Katia showed herself to be a champion caster, and with great skill she cast her line far out into the pond.

Mike explained to Kaia how to hold her pole, and what to do when I fish nibbled her hook.

Liam slowly reels in his line, hoping to feel the fish take the bait so he could bring in his first catch of the day!

I even get in on the action for a few minutes, helping Kaia learn the proper speed to take in her line before letting it sit.

And we all settle in for what we hope won't be too long for the first bite.....

But before long each kid gets their first nibble!! Kaia's excitement grows as the fish gets closer to the top of the water, and shouts in delight as her dad helps to bring it in.

Soon all them are bringing in fish left and right it seems, to their delight.

Kaia peers into the bag at her first fish, a little grossed out by the wiggling, but it doesn't dampen her excitement about her first fish ever!

At one point, one of Katia's fish tries to make a flop for it, and almost succeeds in getting back into the water. She and her dad manage to just catch it before it makes it's escape though.

John carries the one that almost got away, now covered in grass, and puts it in the bag.

Katia makes sure a tough one to hold doesn't try the same thing the last one did!

Kaia brings in her third, and last, fish. She proudly holds the pole and shows off her final catch.

With all three kids at their limit-and in a short time!- we head back for them to take to the gut and behead station. I keep expecting Kaia to get upset when she realizes these fish are headed for death, but her excitement doesn't dim.

Kaia watches as her fish are systematically beheaded, belly-slit, and gutted. I'm very happy they do this for us. I don't want to be the one in charge on this...

Liam, Katia, and Kaia proudly show off their catch!

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