Sunday, August 20, 2006

weekend--good and bad

This weekend was a good mixture of good times and bad. I spent most of yesterday cleaning, and Mike and I cleaned out the two storage closets in our house. I organized a craft supplies cupboard for Kaia, and found some activity books for her. Got all my laundry done, but not put away.

Saturday evening Andrea picked Kaia and I up and after a brief grocery store stop we went up to her house. Mike had some work to do as well as helping William move. He came out later, fairly late. We had wine, and beer, and laughter. I fell asleep first, before I would have liked to, but couldn't help it! Can't stay up as long as I used to....

Andrea and I had planned to go riding this morning, but I woke up with horrible cramps. (TMI!? go elsewhere then...) Tylenol, Advil, and a heat pad took their sweet time fixing issues, and the only Advil available was cold and flu, so had nasty flu medication in it that wiped me out..........but I did read a good Dean Koontz book - Life Expectancy, which was really good. (Andrea, which part do you mean was the nasty part? I wasn't sure...)

I really was looking forward to riding, she and I don't get to go often.....I think we've gone once? with kids? can't recall...anyway, really want to do that soon.

Still very tired, didn't accomplish a thing today. Made artichokes for dinner...that's right, not with dinner, for dinner. Mike and Kaia also had chips and salsa. Not gonna win any healthy food choices awards today.

Gonna drag my ass upstairs and bathe my child, then head to bed. Wish me warranty luck at work tomorrow.

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Mom said...

1)what does TMI mean?
2)artichokes are loaded with protein, so there's your meat and vegetables! Good dinner! Is mayo or lemon butter a starch?
3)I am concerned you are tired lately. Are you still taking your liquid super vitamins?
4) so cool that you got thiose closets all sorted! I want to see 'em!