Thursday, August 31, 2006

Four!! Four!! and one five...

Four jobs I have had in my life -

pizza and sides maker at Smokey's Pizza
cashier at adult store
selling Cutco knives
waitress at Shari's Restaurant

Four movies I could watch over and over -

Breakfast Club (that one guy started my love of bad boys...oh yes, Judd Nelson)
Willow (Val Kilmer is hot even in a dress)
Fifth Element (Bruce Willis. Mila Jovovich with orange hair. Really, need I say more?)
Serenity (see note on number 2 of TV shows)
yes, an honorable mention. Anything with Johnny Depp. YUM.

Four places I have lived -

White Salmon, Washington
Hope Peninsula, Idaho
Vancouver, Washington
Forks, Washington (are we noticing a rain-filled theme here?!)

Four TV shows I love to watch
(I don't watch TV, so will list shows that were on TV at some point that I loved.)

CSI – Las Vegas. As if there were any other real CSI!
Firefly – curse those foolish morons who cancelled it!!
Sex in the City
That 70's Show

Four places I have been on vacation-

Disneyland (how typical is that?)
Hope Peninsula, Idaho – Pend O\'Reille Lake (every year for the first 16 years of my life!)
Surrey, Canada (Yay Tania and Simon!)
Alaska – Inside Passage (Cruises are the BEST)"

Four websites I visit daily - (well, maybe not daily, but is quite humorous) (Motherhood Is Not For Wimps)'s my mom!)

Four of my favorite foods -

California rolls – the kind with the tiny orange roe
Steak (med rare) and potatoes (with lots of butter and salt, and a hint of garlic)
Freshly shelled peas
Dark chocolate covered vanilla Haagen Dazs. Aawwww yeah. (if you bring me this, you can do no wrong.)

Four places I would rather be right now -

Somewhere with roller coasters.
Friday. (I'm pretty content, really)

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