Monday, August 28, 2006

ack! have just noticed time!

quickly....conversation had by Kaia and I in car today. She sings her own songs the whole way back...about 10 minutes to home, she says....

"want to hear another song?"

I say....
"sure, darlin'"

"which one? the light one? or the road one? or the sunrise one?"
"how about the light one?"
"are you sure you don't want the TREE one?"
"okay, the tree one"
"no, YOU pick"
"the light one, then"
"or do you want the tree one?"
"okay, the tree one"
"the light one?"
"FINE. The light one is fine!"
"or the tree one? which one, mom?"
"the light one"
"the light one and the tree one are the same one."
"how convenient"

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