Sunday, August 27, 2006


my time without a laptop did horrible things....and one of the worst is that it got me out of the blogging habit. and now I don't know what to write about....

ask me a question? anything! I need ideas here people!

how about this? what if I promise to answer ALL questions completely truthfully? could get me in trouble, couldn't it? But I will! couple rules....well, one. please ask no question that the answer could hurt someone's feelings. thank you.

your turn.....


Mom said...

*your present journey
*your childhood
*your adolescence
*your best friend and that realtionship's evolution
*who you miss & want to get ahold of again in your life & why
*10 most important things in your life
*funny things Kaia has said in the past
*write a limerick--easier than you think-just get the rhythm and bingo!
*aspects of your 'perfect home'
more later, hope any of this is of interest!

Andrea said...

Kindergarten, first day & how's it going?

The happiest day of your life, if you can pinpoint it. Or several of the best.

Jason said...

Every week my mom sends me an e-mail with my horoscope from the Columbian and she gets a kick out of finding how much it fits my life most weeks. I propose you look up your horoscope and see if you can see how it fits your life. I can always see the lighter side of my situation if I discribe how the horoscope fits in my current day-to-day.

Carol said...

Out of things to write? No way, not you. Just write along. I really enjoy reading you everyday things. Sometimes it reminded me of my own life 20 years ago, sometimes it gives me new insight, sometimes it just put a smile on my face.