Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A day of good things - expanded

Okay, will talk more about this, now that it's not late at night.

Hair cut!
This is fairly self-explanatory. Kaia was mad that I cut it, she wants to grow hers out, and wants me to join her. So I gave her a whole talk about how we make our own decisions about our own bodies.

New meal plans!
I am going to make some week-long meal plans so that we eat better. Gonna write the recipes down- all three parts of the meal - on cards, and then I can take the cards to the store when I shop. Also, I am going to have Kaia help me with dinner more often.

Possible short-distance move!
This is FAR from definite, but we are going to look at a house that isn't too much more a month than our apartment. It still only has one bathroom, but has an extra room and a back yard. And I think a big kitchen. All new appliances. Will update later.

Pink toenailsÂ…..
Again, self explanatory. although..Somethingg about me? I hate going out in public with bare toenails that aren't painted. It does happen, I'm not that anal, but I will notice it all day. funny thing....I rarely paint my fingernails.

Yellow star cookie cuttersÂ…..
These aren't new, but Kaia had them out and I decided that this weekend she and I will make cookies. I need to get a rolling pin though. That's why I haven't used them for a long time...rolling out dough with jars sucks.

OooooÂ…next up, a hot bathÂ…Â…
One of my favorite ways to warm up, to relax, and just one of my favorite things.

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mom said...

?possible close move?
?Pink nail polish?
?New meal plans?

More, woman, we need more!!