Saturday, August 26, 2006

So sometimes I want to blog about something, but since people I know (and love) read this, I can't since sometimes it's about them and it's bad. Then I think, well, that's good, because really, I shouldn't be ranting on about bad things.

(and don't, anyone out there, assume this is about you. Most likely it's not. It's a pretty obscure person in my life that brought this up, though at OTHER times it may have been about you. but not this time. )

so here is a list of one good thing about each person in my life, starting with family and moving outward. and please know, there are of course many other things good about each of you, this is simply one, chosen for my own reasons.

My mother - She has taken something that owned her, and thoroughly beaten it. and she is shining.

My father - if I needed him to, my daddy would come all teh way up and give me a great big hug. Even though I have never in my life called him "daddy".

My brother - My baby bro is one of the only people I would let touch a gun in front my daughter, let alone teachher how to use it.

My sister - she is going to ROCK as a pharmacy tech.

okay, that's that section...will do more later....

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Carol said...

I sometimes feel this way too. Not necessary Bad things, maybe emotions about this person that I am working on but not ready to share with the person just yet. I either would write it down in a private blog (like a diary, just blog with myself). Or throw in an anoyymous blog - without mention the person's name. Not all cases apply, I know, but if it works, it forces me to talk about it - the core of the issue objectively.