Sunday, August 27, 2006

My screen is wiggly!! It's a bit sick-making. Our flat screen went bonkers, and we are waiting for the replacement one.

I am cleaning today! My house was in desperate need for it. Quite disgusting really. I am not even close to done, but there is definite improvement.

Kaia has SO many clothes! Well, pants at least. and she doesn't even wear pants!!! They were all sent to her by a relative who doesn't see her very often, and is unaware of her distain of all things pant.

She has just told me that she can't clean because she has hiccups.

My house is a sauna. I need to bring the fan downstairs or something. oooooo!! I have another fan in the back closet...wonder how accessible it is? Will wait and have Mike get it out...there are spiders back there!

Alright, better get back to cleaning, the darn house won't clean itself! thank the gods for coffee.....

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Don Tilson said...

Hi can call me Daddy,
but I must admit I wear Grumpy the
best, and I do love having someone
who cares enough to tell me if I'm
being pissy. Love Dad