Monday, February 05, 2007

YONINDID is my favorite...

Kaia had a "spelling test" today. It was really a test of how well they sounded out words, not if they got them right. Here's Kaia's.......

MONSTR- monster
YONINDID- united
Dres- dress
BOTem- bottom
eGL- eagle
CLOsb- closed
BMT- bumped
TiP- type
See- see

HemeN--?? She can't remember. Any ideas?


mom said...

Marvelous beyond words.

Dana said...

Maybe hemming?

It's great you're saving this memory. :)

mom said...

I am wondering if she was trying to sound out the first sound "w" and felt the rush of air through her lips and mistook the 'blowing feeling' for 'H'---the original word being perhaps 'women'. Hope that made sense....try sounding out 'women' and you'll see what I mean