Thursday, February 08, 2007

coffee is good in the morning...or anytime, really.

It's early. I haven't been getting Mike up to exercise, he's been working so hard. His interview for an internship with MS is next Friday. and he has so much homework! I cannot wait for the days we can go to bed at the same time!

I've been keeping up with the 7 o'clock wake up time, but not so much the 6. However, I have been waking up before my alarm clock goes off! My body is adjusting quite nicely.

I need to do taxes, we could really use the return. Having that little extra after financial aid was so nice! I can't wait until we can live like that all the time! I don't need to be rich, but having enough to spend when I want to will be nice. Shearing day will help, should make at least $100. grocery money! yay! :-)

Not much to say today. everything is flowing along.

Dana brought me coffee day before yesterday at work as a surprise. It was so sweet, and I hadn't had any coffee that morning, either, so was being so good at not buying any! She even remembered what I drink!

She and I are doing some online scrapbooking classes the last weekend in February! She's really good at scrapbooking, very talented. Hopefully some will rub off on me. I am getting the scrapbooking bug again....organized my bin last night. Next time my mom and dad drive up, I need to remind them to bring the paper Tania got me for Christmas. every color in the rainbow, 500 sheets! I can't wait to have it up here!

everything I think of to write is pretty mundane. I think I'll sign off for now....

oh! Jason is back! I can't wait to hear all about his trip! Welcome back Jason! back is relative, of course...considering he's back in Kuwait....


Dana said...

I'm glad you liked the coffee. I panicked a little when they asked me about the bean, though. "uhhhhhhhhhh....." (deer in headlights).

Awww, shucks. I'm not that good a scrapbooker, but I do love it. We're gonna have a blast!

mom said...

hey, babe, I will bring that paper when I come up on the 16th!!!! and some little beads for Kaia, and some pretty polished stones that have holes in them to add to her necklaces or!!

Really glad you are scrapbooking!! You have great taste in that sort of creation!

mom said...

OH! and speaking of Kuwait, Mick was looking in the Army website, and saw a photo taken by M. Daschell!!!!!!!!!!!! (watchtower in Baghdad)

Tinidian said...

Hello from Kuwait,

Yes sadly I am back in Kuwait. I still detest calling this place home as it will never be!!! I wish I could get online but while I was away my internet service expired and I need to go find an outlet to renew my service. Kuwaits Internet system is SOOOOO stupid!!! They make you pay cash upfront for a few months in advance then after you have service you can renew online only if you have a credit card from a local bank!! What a bunch of idiots! Alright enough of the ranting. As promised if I can't get the DSL turned back on tonight I will go buy a temp card to get me through. Talk to you soon maybe as you will be gone all weekend... :-(