Monday, February 19, 2007

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okay, okay. so I've been lazy and not posted. It's been a combination of being tired, and having my mom here that's caused it. We had a WONDERFUL visit. Went up to Andrea's on Saturday, and Kaia got to ride, something she always loves. Andrea seemed really happy, my mom said she's never seen Andrea so bright eyed and smiley!

Then we met Dana for dinner at a Mexican restaurant. We got to meet her youngest son, the one we hadn't met yet. I've met all her kids now, and they are all just wonderful. SMART kids, my gosh. T tried to sit on a pile of to-go boxes, I can see how tempting they would have looked to him! It was quite cute. Kaia still hasn't met her youngest, who turns 1 tomorrow! Happy Birthday, L!

Yesterday, we went SHOPPING. my gosh. we scored at Goodwill, then went on the wal-mart and shopko. got lots of fun baby stuff, and maternity stuff. I found a cool cart type thing that is meant to be a kitchen cart with wire baskets, but will be perfect for the baby dresser for the two months before we move.

Mom is convinced both Vanae and I will have boys...we will see.

My mom left this afternoon, rained like crazy on the way back! got home fine though. Kaia is eating some valentines treats before getting ready for bed. I swear, there are too many holidays with candy! I feel like she is always bringing home a bag from school...Halloween, Christmas, valentines, Easter! sheesh... I told her today that pop eats bones. she was duly awed. Seems evil, I know. I won't apologize!

This pregnancy seems to be swallowing my brain cells whole, and spitting them out drained of all life. just warning you.

oh! speaking of, it's going well! I have another ultrasound on Thursday, but I definitely FEEL pregnant, and the bleeding has stopped. now if I can just get permission to take a bath, I might get warm for the first time in days.....

hope ya'all have a good week!

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