Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Vaginal Rest

Had a scare today. Well, it's not really over, and possibly might not be for weeks. I started bleeding while at work. Not extremely heavily, but not just spotting. I went in to the ER, and they did another ultrasound. I have a picture of the gestational sac! Anyway, it's trying to implant, so the bleeding may just be from that. I have a 50% chance of having a miscarriage. Either it implants, or it doesn't.

I am staying positive, but am trying to do what I can to help it stay where it is. The doctor said nothing I do will make a difference, but I bleed less when I lay down. It seems like it would help if I don't add gravity to the mix, so I asked if I could have tomorrow off. I'm hoping that resting all day will encourage Baby to stay where she/he is.

Don't follow the light, Baby! Implant yourself! Snuggle in, make your small self comfortable...stay, 9 months.

p.s. "on vaginal rest" is the actual order the doctor gave me. He also said "no fooling around down there, or inserting things." Aye Aye, sir.


mom said...

You are in my prayers and meditations. You and the little......boy!

Carol said...

Relax, Della, and rest well. Do your part and God will do his. I'll pray for you and the baby.