Sunday, February 04, 2007

this and that

Kai is standing in the corner. For the second time in two minutes. I swear, you wanna make those people who kidnap people and then hold them hostage give up? Put a couple of whiny 5 year olds in front. Amplify them. I give the kidnappers 5 minutes. Maybe. Then they'll be coming out with their hands up, begging to be taken somewhere that is child-free.

anyway. It's a quiet day today. There were a couple possibilities in the air, but we are just staying home today. Might be a good idea, since the next two weekends are full.

Next weekend I'm helping to skirt fleeces again, for two days this time. Skirting fleeces is this: you stand around a table type thing, and someone (last year it was me, was quite fun!) brings the freshly taken-off-the-sheep fleece and flings it expertly (unless you are me, though I became fairly good at it after a few hours) flat on the table. Then everyone starts taking bits of VM (doesn't that sound nasty? it actually means vegetable matter) and poopy bits off the fleece. The "skirting" comes from how you take off the bits around the edges of the fleece, I think. It's hard work, even though you are just standing there. Also, it's COLD, and though you can wear gloves, the wool sticks to the gloves, so I decided it was easier to go bare handed. The lanolin makes your hands all greasy and warm. We start early, 6:45, so I'll be spending both Friday and Saturday nights at Andrea's. Last year, we did 90 sheep, I think....and it took 12 hours. This year, there are many more sheep, not sure, but I think like 160? Andrea? So we'll most likely be doing it for two days. Sore muscles, here we come. It's good though. afterward, you really feel like you've accomplished something, done something useful.

The weekend after, my mom is coming for a visit. Kaia is uber-excited, and I always love her visits. She and I are really close, and we have a blast. This time, we get to talk about the soon to come addition to our family! and maybe do a bit of baby stuff shopping!!! yes, it's early, but hey, it's FUN.

Dana had invited Kaia and I out to her place today, but the snow fall last night put the kaput on that idea. It would have been a lot of fun, and I am really excited about getting to know her better.

Then I was thinking about going with Andrea and John up to Spokane, where John will be watching the Super Bowl. (quick side story. John called yesterday to see if Mike wanted to go. He said "I'm assuming you want to watch the game." Mike said "what game?" He actually does enjoy watching football, he's just not that into it otherwise) I decided that I wanted to just have a quiet time here, though. Will put away some laundry later, and maybe work on organizing my scrap booking bin.

Kaia is watching Mary Poppins. I haven't ever really liked it, for one reason. When the children talk about how they went into the chalk drawing, and rode horses, Mary Poppins actually gets mad at them for making stuff up. Seems wrong. Also, the little boy has a rotten tooth, which bugs me. I do like the chimney sweep dance and song though.

I took a picture of my stove top today. Seems silly, but I like how I have it set up. Will post it later.

So many things changing lately. Became friends with Jason (he comes back today! yay! can talk to him online again!), met Dana, and we seem to be soul sisters, and a new baby niece or nephew on the way. Andrea picked her career, being a farrier, which she will excel at, I know. Mike will be graduating in less than a year. We'll be moving soon after. Then even more huge changes! I won't be working, will be hopefully raising another baby and going to school. Mike will be working, doing what he loves- software development.

Life is good. I am so very lucky in so many ways. Thank you, universe. I am happy.

I am content.


mom said...

I love that you take pictures of things like your stove. To me, it is a gift to be able to find joy in the ordinary, even the mundane. Keep it up.....I'll be watching for it.

Mary Poppins....yeh, I'm with you. Just too flipping SWEET! I always love Dick Van Dyke though, he reminds me of Dad/Gaffer. Yeh?

Carol said...

Skirt Fleeces? I hope my English is not misleading me. You mean skinning the real sheep? Wow... Show me some photos if you can. It's so new to me.