Saturday, February 03, 2007

"this is unbloggable!"

Hi Dana!

Dana just left for her hour long drive home. She has a blog, too, but I have to open a MySpace account before I can see it, and it's too late tonight to do that. Also, I promised Kaia I'd get up with her, instead of sleeping in like usual.

We went and saw Because I Said So. Very funny in parts, and made me cry in a couple too, just the kind of movie I like! I recommend it.

Before the movie we went to dinner, and barely ate we were talking so much! We have a lot in common, and enough not in common that it's fascinating hearing about the differences.

It's a little scary, meeting someone and clicking this well. What if it doesn't work?! What if she gets to know me better and decides I'm just too odd? Or crass? know the saying "if it seems too good to be true...."

There goes my paranoia! Dana's reading this probably thinking, Woman! I wasn't looking for a best friend or anything! CHILL! Or whatever Dana says for Chill. I don't know her well enough to know her usual phrases.

Alright. now that she thinks (has found out? ;-)) that I'm a neurotic freak, I'll sign off. It's late. Gotta get up and make chocolate chip pancakes with my daughter.

Night, All.

It's a happy, great night. and despite the seeming negativity, I'm in a great mood. Life is great. I'm great. (for all those other than Dana, the continued use of "great" is on purpose. and I'm over explaining. or under. or something. my god, girl, GET OFF THE COMPUTER!)

okay, okay.


Dana said...

That was TOTALLY the most bestest, coolest night in a long, long time. You don't know how many times today I had to stop myself from calling you up and seeing if you and Kaia wanted to come out here (for her to play, and for you to scrapbook). But I was good! I didn't hover! Helicopter! Heheheh...

So.... tomorrow? I'm scrapbooking tomorrow, too! If you don't care about a dirty house, you're all/any welcome to come out here. Gimme a call - do you have my home number?

By the way, I like odd, and you could totally not ever be TOO crass. Sometimes I say "chill." Or "calm down" or "quit climbing the walls." But you're totally not in need of chilledness - you're just enthusiastic, like I was! Am! :D

mom said...

Dana even writes sort of like you, or talks or whatever. I will look into the blog if you let me have the site addy.

Dana said...

My new blog is on MySpace (Della can email you the link), but I have it set to private, so you have to make a MySpace acct and let me add you as a friend. Not sure if my ramblings are worth all that. :)