Thursday, February 01, 2007

time to fix some things....

Since I can't try for a baby until June, I thought I'd give myself some goals to reach by then. Most of them are related to babies in that a healthier me means a healthier baby, and a healthier mommy for my kids.

Change sleeping schedule to 9pm-6am. This is directly related to a few more--
Getting up earlier will allow me to eat a healthier breakfast. One that consists of a protein and carbs will be much more conducive to weight gain and an energy filled day. This will also allow me to go work out once we move where there is a fitness center. If I go early in the day, it will leave the rest of my day to other things, and also help with energy.

I need to continue to plan my meals weekly. When I do, it really helps me to serve healthier, less stressful for me meals to my family. It also keeps grocery costs down.

I need to up my water drinking from one bottle to two every day. This will be a bit more expensive, as I drink Aquafina water only. I know, I's snobby of me. But seriously, other water makes me nauseous, then I don't feel good, and I don't drink as much. For a vice, it's not bad. I've been trying to change from coffee to tea, and have done okay, but with the new 6am schedule, I'm going to allow myself one cup of coffee in the morning, then bring tea to work. Also, I want to start drinking tea when I get home, at least a couple of cups.

I think that's enough for now. I am giving myself til June to perfect it. Wish me luck, and remind me now and then, okay? ask for updates.....

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