Friday, February 16, 2007

looking up...they think

The hcg level is rising, but not as fast as is expected. However, it isn't rising as slowly as the Doctor has seen in pregnancies that don't work. So once again, we are waiting.....but he was positive, said it looked on the good side. I have to have another ultrasound next week, and if we can see a heartbeat it'll look even better.

I am staying positive, but it's hard not knowing. I really don't deal well with ambiguity. Tell me bad news, and I will deal with it. Tell me good news, and I will celebrate. But this "could be this, could be that" crap is annoying.

and yes, as Andrea pointed out, I would rather be in this state than know for sure it's a miscarriage.

So keep your fingers crossed. this baby is going to be a handful, I can tell! it's already enjoying giving it's mama mini-heart attacks! can't wait to meet it....and raising this kid should be an adventure!


Andrea said...

Hey, you shoulda called me! John said you called him... I can see why you wouldn't think to call my cell though, I'm so rarely on it... We went to Lewiston last night. I called as soon as I got home, but you must have been in bed. Glad the news is (kinda) good, and very glad it wasn't bad! I can't wait for your next ultrasound. When will it be, do you know yet? I'd be happy to go with you if you need company. I am working a bit next week though...

Hugs and good vibes to you! Katia and I are going to go de-crust our beasties and go for a ride now.

shirley said...

Hi Hope you get some good news soon Shirley

Carol said...

Again, relax. The baby will sense your vibe and relax too. OK? Again, rest, rest, rest, including your busy head :-))