Saturday, February 03, 2007

In Which I Show Myself As Unable To Stick To A Single Subject

There are times I wish I had the writing style and content that would gain me the amount of readers of oh say, Y. (and cause I'm ignorant of HTML, here's the link, not hyperlinked.)

oh! hey! it hyperlinked itself! how nice.....thank you!

I have seen as many as 480 comments on a post of hers.

However, I am fully aware that my posts are not usually interesting or intriguing to strangers. and I've decided I'm okay with that. for now, at least! my satisfaction in Myself is good today.

so the post the other day on getting together with Dana was a bit flippy-outy. I think it stemmed from two things. One, I rarely have met someone I seem to get along with SO WELL right away, and two, I'm moving in a year, so it's sad to think I could meet someone I want as a friend so much and then leave in a year.

So I have decided ALL my friends need to just move to Bellevue within the next year or so, including Dana and her family! Doesn't this make sense to you? I think so too.

In all seriousness, though, I am just going to enjoy the next year, for everything it will bring me. More time with Andrea living close, time with Dana and her kids, starting my first garden, and trying for anther baby! and watching Kaia turn SIX. My god, I am the mother of a child who will turn SIX in just a few months. AFTER I turn 30. which actually isn't bothering me much.

It was a good day today. I got up early, made pancakes, bacon, and hot cocoa with Kaia (who lost interest in helping as soon as the hot cocoa was done). Got most of my house straightened up. Then went with Andrea, Katia, and Liam to the Appaloosa Museum. The kids had fun, there was a minimum of unacceptable chaos, and then we stopped by work to visit John, then came back here to banish the kids to the upstairs. That didn't last long.

Kaia is now playing an old version of Zelda. I should figure out din--holy shit! It's 7:42! yes, dinner would be a good idea........


Dana said...

Yaknow, you're the second family to try to get me to move to the west side. If we could pick it up and fling it out to the midwest, maybe we could talk. ;)

mom said...

Dana, you are funny, woman! I hope we can meet in a couple weeks when I come out to visit my Del.

Not to worry, you know you will keep the best friends in your know how to do that and have wonderful proof of it! HI ANDREA!!

Yeh, I know how ya feel about having a kid who is (ONLY, BY THE WAY) SIX!!!!! Time will go faster and faster the older you get, so start your breathing.............. NOW!!