Sunday, February 04, 2007

A little bit of design in an otherwise un-organized house

I like the top of my stove. a bit silly, yes, but a small step in the direction of having a house that doesn't look like it's been decorated by ......going blank...umm...decorated by someone who....doesn't know how to decorate? doesn't have the space or money to decorate? or have a house "style" if that makes sense? anyway....I like it. The mortar and pestle is actaully used, yes. The red tea is called "Tea for the Queen of Hearts" and has REAL rose buds in it. The salt and pepper shakers are one of my favorite things, funnily enough, and the chopsticks are from my Aunt Carol, who brought them from China! The Ulu is from our Alaskan cruise.


mom said...

your stovetop is sort of the quintessential Della......everything is that Ulu is troublesome......well, maybe it is the 'cutting away of distractions' or some such thing....'trimming the fat' 'removing all that isn't of the essence' (how Zen) or.......just plain MAD lol

Nadine Hightower said...

I am still bloggin' just on one page. On Blogspot.
You are welcome to come by anytime.

Carol said...

Ha ha ha... I see those chapsticks. So fun! Wanna a wok? :-)

I am back. But I couldn't post in Sarah's for some strange reason.