Saturday, October 21, 2006

vacations are too short

Well, hello! Fancy seeing you here....

No glimpse, obviously. I didn't bring my camera cable with me, or my laptop so I wouldn't need the cable. Will post some when I return. Having a really really good time. We went to a pumpkin patch today, Kaia had a blast, lots of pictures taken there too.

so much I think of to write....but no time.

quick funny-today on the couch...

Kaia asks--

"mom, sometime can I have a step-mom?"

", you can't--" I start to explain why...but she interrupts me-

"--but mom! Miriam at school has a step-mom! why can't I!?!"


Carol said...

No glimpse again? Shoot! Just kidding, though I really like the glimpse idea. Maybe I will try something like that, too.

Great reading your blog. It's always been such a treat.

Shane said...

Yeah, except when you go on vacation and we don't get updates for 3-4 days! =Þ