Sunday, October 29, 2006

catching up a bit.

Here's Kaia and I last night. We went to a party a few apartments down.

I'm the same thing every year, and only had to buy a wig this year, so it's an almost free costume. People seem to get a kick out of it.

At the party--Kaia had a good time, there were 4 or 5 other kids there, and they had a couple games planned, including this really easy monster hands making project that was pretty cool. You take plastic gloves (not the latex kind) and put a candy corn in each finger, to look like fingernails. Then stuff the rest of the hand with pop corn and tie closed with a ribbon.

I had an okay time, wasn't completely bored, just didn't know anyone. And I realized something. I wasn't really interesting in getting to know them. I have some very good friends, though most of them are far away, and I don't really need more. Also, there's not really any point in getting to know anyone here, since we'll be gone in a year, and they might be gone sooner. Very transient time of our life. Everything here is so short term. well, not everything. It has been wonderful living so close to Andrea and John and their family for a few years. They will be ALL I miss about this time. And we'll come back and visit them often of course.

Katia is at home today. I went out this morning to vacuum their house with my cool vacuum cleaner. Got a lot of dog hair, it's really cool to see how much it gets after each vacuuming. Was there when Katia came home, it was SO GOOD to see her up and smiling. She isn't fully recovered, but well on her way.

I haven't written very much lately. Not sure why. Been busy, yes, and tired. My tooth is bugging me today, not taking any more vicodin, nasty stuff. Ibuprofen seems to work fairly well. Going tomorrow to get a root canal, fun times.

Still haven't gotten a pumpkin to carve...need to do that tomorrow. Kaia will be pretty disappointed if we don't. I could care less. the messiness of carving, the messiness of getting rid of it when it's over. I love Halloween, but mostly the dressing up bit.

Hint for new parents who miss trick or treating--when Kaia first went out, and every year since, we tell her what Halloween is all about: Getting lots of candy to bring home and share with your parents. She bought it then, and it's just a given now. She's really good about sharing candy anyway, but it's good to train 'em young.

Will try to get back to Daily Glimpses this week too.

Have a wonderful Halloween, and happy Sunday!


Carol said...

I love these photos/outfits. How amazing. So much fun, I bet. I should organize something here in this elderly neighborhood. Too bad we will not be around for this halloween. Me back in Vancouver BC and ML working in Indiana.

Mom said...

this entry really cracked me up! Your little sending the hunting dog out after the duck--"Don't eat it!"