Thursday, October 26, 2006

mind's blank. think it's the drugs.

hello from you friendly vicodin-stoned blogger for tonight! yes, I had forgotton how much vicodin affects me. good thing I'm not driving anywhere.

I have a damn abscess in one of my teeth. getting it taken care of Monday. hurst like hell. well, doesn't right now, of course.

Anyway, this picture was taken while in Vancouver, so technically not a Glimpse. will get back to those, promise.

Kaia and Bree, I hope you two know each other your whole lives. Two very special, smart girls. Love you both so much!

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mom said...

the photo is one of the cutest ever! Of course I saved it. Any others I could have that are good?

so sorry you hurt so, dear. wish I could help!!! it is funny how you write like you are woozy "...hurst like hell" sorry for laughing. glad the meds help. xxOO