Thursday, October 05, 2006

On Pants

Kaia has recently started wearing pants instead of avidly insisting on dresses and skirts at all times. This morning I decided to ask her about it. Here is our conversation:

"So, darlin', I noticed you've been wearing pants lately. You decide you like them after all?"

"Yeah, but just a little bit. I'm thinking about liking them more later. I like them medium size now."

"Medium size, huh?"

"Yeah. I will like them a lot more later."


Carol said...

My daughter never liked skirts when she was young, no girlish things, no ducklings, no laces... Guess what? She told me she is a bi two years ago. She is 21 now.

mom said...

when I was in High School, we fought long and hard for the right to wear pants, having worn nothing but skirts and dresses to all of my 9 school years before that. I remember the day the rule changed, where I was and what I was doing, like some traumatic event! lol! I defiantly put on baggy 'wino' pants, and wore them conspicuously through school all day. I recall being in the library, and feeling alot of eyes on me. LOLOL