Sunday, October 08, 2006


This picture was taken 7 years ago (WOW, the time flies by....) Up at my mom's house. The boulder was a gift from all of us to my dad on father's day, and is actually a good gift, for him, not an "oh my got...a rock?!" sort of gift.

When the pictures came back (we were using that archaic form of photography known as "film") this one looked like this.

Andrea and I went out one night to take pictures of each other (the picture on her blog is from that night), and we had a lot of fun. I hopped (heaved myself) up onto the boulder and was messing around. Will post some of the other pictures taken that night in a bit.


mom said...

As I have mentioned to Della, and want to repeat here for all interested readers, this 'fog' may be an actual picture of some celestial energy. I am researching this now. Or it may be a moth that flew in front of the camera at the moment the shutter went off-lol! I am beginning to think along the lines of the previous notion, over-the-top as it may sound

Carol said...

Why? You should have been a dancer! Have you ever thought about that? Now think about this, I remembered when I browse over your family photos at Sarah, this thought came to mind. You would be a great one, won't you agree?

pheonix said...

Hi della, this is pheonix.

Thanks for visiting my site. Good to hear from yourself.

Read a little of your blogs and wow, you must lead such interesting lives over there in the good ole us of a (no offence meant). We dont have many open spaces over here though.

Hope to hear from you again.

pheonix said...

p.s. Just been studying your photo.

Look at the outline of the mist. Look close enough and you will see a face starting to show through. or it might just be my eyes.